7-Dippity specializes in developing and implementing targeted educational programs and materials for public safety and military communities.

Collectively, the 7-Dippity team has rich experience in:

  • program development, implementation, and management with successful integration into emergency services and military cultures.
  • development of initiatives highlighting pre-disaster planning as well as post-disaster coping for first responders and family members.
  • development of psycho-educational materials for public safety workers and military personnel.
  • disaster-related research.
  • identifying and supporting underserved and hard-to-reach populations.

In recent years, 7-Dippity has been intricately involved in providing disaster-assistance projects to people impacted by large-scale disasters. This includes projects that support the first responder community, as well as children and families that were directly impacted by these terrible events. As a result, 7-Dippity has developed unique models to address areas of need beneficial for all responders and their family members.

7- Dippity's Unique Qualifications and Services :

7-Dippity's Peer-based Model for Responders: 7-Dippity has developed an effective model for reaching responders and their families through peer-based, psycho-educational materials, as utilized for 9/11 responders to the Pentagon and World Trade Center. Based on the success of these projects, 7-Dippity believes this same strategic model can be used to benefit and assist other responders nationally.

7-Dippity's Focus on Relationships Between Responders and their Families: Much of 7-Dippity's work also focuses on strengthening relationships between public safety workers and their families, thereby enhancing post-incident coping, as well as family-involved preparation for future disasters, both natural and man-made.

7-Dippity's experience with 9/11 responders: The 7-Dippity team is one of the few who have worked extensively with first responders to 9/11 tragedies at both the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Our intricate understanding of the long-term impacts of these disasters on the responders, their departments, and their families has provided us with unique experience and insight. Our work with 9/11 responders continues to this day.

7-Dippity's successful track record with responders: 7-Dippity's disaster-related materials have been well-received nationally and are effective in providing support for hard-to-reach populations such as public safety workers and their families.

7-Dippity's established relationships with public safety organizations: 7-Dippity has strong relationships with many departments, individuals and organizations who are currently working in the public safety arena. 7-Dippity can leverage these relationships to quickly and effectively reach out and provide support to emergency services personnel and their family members throughout the country.

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7-Dippity seeks to support emergency service workers and military personnel as much as possible. We are committed to helping those who help others.

If you are interested in having 7-Dippity develop a program or materials for your Department or support program, do not hesitate to give us a call. Please contact Scott Sevin at (305) 535-0914 or by email at scott@7-dippity.com for more information.