7-Dippity specializes in developing and implementing supportive psycho-educational materials and programs for public safety workers and the military.

In recent years, much of our work has focused on assisting first responders and their family members in preparing for, understanding the effects of, and coping with large-scale disasters and long-term deployment. We have had the rare opportunity to work extensively with 9/11 responders at both the World Trade Center and the Pentagon click here to view some of our 9/11-related projects). We have also been working with responders to Hurricane Katrina, as well as other disasters.

The goal of this section of our website is to spread some of the lessons learned; both by our organization and by first responders themselves, and to highlight some of the related work we have done in recent years.

If you are interested in having 7-Dippity develop programs or materials for your department, give us a call. Keep in mind we also provide professional consultation, training, and development for support providers of public safety personnel as well. Please contact Scott Sevin at (305) 535-0914 or by email at scott@7-dippity.com for more information.