Thank you for your interest in sponsoring copies of After The Storm. We are all working toward a common goal. Mental health is a vital part of Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita relief efforts, particularly for the children affected by these terrible storms. It is our goal to provide copies of After The Storm free of charge to those in need, but this cannot occur without support.

One of the advantages of our project is that we are able to customize the After The Storm material for a given school district, area or agency with a minimum 5,000 book print. By customizing the book, we can address specific needs and assure that residents in a given area, or members of an organization, will get the most out of the material. 7-Dippity is pleased to donate in-kind services for this purpose.

All sponsored material can include a letter from the sponsor and the sponsor's logo on the back cover. 7-Dippity can manage the distribution of all sponsored copies, unless otherwise requested. We can also assist in coordinating requests from a given area.

Donations are being accepted through Youth Environmental Programs, Inc., a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation. Please contact 7-Dippity for more information.