A Peer Guide for responders and their families

"Our Challenges, Our Responses: Pentagon Responders and Their Families Share Lessons Learned from 9/11," is a peer-to-peer guide for public safety workers and their families. The peer guide was developed by 7-Dippity, Inc. for Northern Virginia Family Service, as part of the Pentagon Responders Program.

The Guide contains excerpts from interviews of numerous 9/11 Pentagon responders and their family members from various agencies throughout the Metropolitan DC region. The book captures some of the thoughts, insights and lessons learned on 9/11 and its aftermath from the response community, in their own words.

As numerous agencies are involved with mutual aid in the recovery effort from Hurricane Katrina, use of this Peer Guide may provide for additional support to personnel and families. Tips on coping with an incident/deployment aftermath may be especially helpful.

The book has been broken up into four sections. The first section focuses on pre-incident planning and will help in formulating a deployment pre-plan; the second section focuses on coping strategies during deployment; the third section discusses how responders and families can support each other post-incident; and the fourth section has resources for support in the Metropolitan DC region. For Katrina responders not from the Washington DC area, personnel and families will need to call their own department assistance programs or their local mental health associations for resource information.

It is our hope that this material will provide some support to responders and their families involved in Hurricane Katrina efforts. We encourage public safety personnel to share this information with their families as well as their extended families.

If you have any questions about this material, please call 7-Dippity at (866) 734-7748.

To download a free copy of "Our Challenges, Our Responses," please click on the cover below.


Our Challenges, Our Responses

"Our Challenges, Our Responses: Pentagon Responders and Their Families Share Lessons Learned from 9/11" and the Brochure entitled "Responding to Crisis: A Resource For The Families of Those Who Serve Their Communities" were developed by NVFS to document some of the thoughts, insights, and lessons learned by First Responders who responded to the September 11th Pentagon attack. The lessons learned provide information to both responders and their family members about what is most helpful and effective before, during, and after critical incident responses. This project was supported by Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) Grant # 05-A4721VT02, with funds made available to Virginia from the Office for Victims of Crime, U.S. Department of Justice. Points of view or opinions contained within this document are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of DCJS or the U.S. Department of Justice. The content of these materials cannot be changed or modified."