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7-Dippity can help you raise funds for your school band, club or PTA organization. Selling books is an excellent alternative to selling candy or other merchandise. You can raise funds through the creation of a custom book, or you can sell a book from our catalog.


Let 7-Dippity help your club or organization create your very own custom book for fundraising. You can raise funds by selling pages in a custom book to businesses in your area. We will then help you design the book and print it for you. After 7-Dippity prints your books, you can distribute them to your sponsoring businesses. You keep the difference in the funds you raise.

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"Adventures In Tourism" was created in conjunction with the Miami Beach Senior High School chapter of the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). Students went out into the community and sold pages in the book to local businesses, attractions and associations. After the funds were collected, 7-Dippity then assisted the students in creating the story line and printed the books for them. The students raised several thousand dollars for their FBLA chapter.

The FBLA students also entered their "Adventures In Tourism" coloring book in a national contest. They won first prize for their work, which included a free trip to Washington D.C. for students involved with this project


7-Dippity allows school organizations and PTA's to resell certain books from our catalog for fundraising. Books such as "The Ocean Orchestra," "Parade Of The Band Instruments," "Science Projects Are Elementary" and "How To Do A Science Project," are permitted to be resold in order to raise funds for school organizations. Contact 7-Dippity for more information.

"The Ocean Orchestra" and "Parade Of The Band Instruments" books have been used by school bands and orchestras to raise funds for trips and uniforms. These popular coloring books are both educational and fun to color.

Our How To Do A Science Project and Science Projects Are Elementary books are also available for fundraising. Many PTA's purchase these books for fundraising purposes.

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