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Dear Parent or Caring Adult,

Helping America Cope is designed for an adult and a child to work on together. The activities and topics covered in this book were chosen carefully. However, every topic and each activity will not be right for everyone. The parent or adult who will work with the child must read this book first. It is up to the adult to determine which topics and activities they wish to cover. Keep in mind that it is not necessary to cover every topic or complete every activity for this book to be effective. Everyone reacts differently, and some children prefer to seek out more information than others.

Also, this book has been written in a suggested sequence. Again, it is up to the adult to choose the order of the topics and activities they wish to cover. If a child is having a particular problem, it is okay to skip ahead to a section that may be especially useful.

The activities and child pages were designed for children 6 to 12 years of age. However, the adult can modify or adapt these activities to the pace of the child they are working with. Many of the activities and information can be adapted for use with older children or can be used with more than one child simultaneously, such as in a classroom setting.

Keep in mind that Helping America Cope is a guide. The activities and topics covered in this book were based upon psychological principles and techniques for helping children cope with the psychological effects of a disaster or traumatic event. However, you should feel free to modify these activities and adjust them to the individual needs, temperament and personality of the child (or children) with whom you are working.

Note to Educators:

If a teacher is providing a copy of Helping America Cope for students to take home, it is important that the students understand that they are not to read this book or work on any of the activities until a parent reads the book first. An adult must work on this book with the child. A note explaining this to the parent can be sent home along with the book.

You are welcomed to download a copy of "Helping America Cope" for personal use with your family or loved ones. This does not constitute the right to reproduce any part of this book without prior, written consent from 7-Dippity, Inc. To obtain multiple copies of Helping America Cope, for distribution in your school or community, contact 7-Dippity.


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