After The Earth Shakes

Although an earthquake may last only minutes, its effects can last for years.  In the aftermath of an earthquake, many parents and caregivers express concerns about how the earthquake and related events might affect their children.  Common questions are: “What should I tell my child?”  “How can I tell if these events are bothering my child?”  “What can I do to help my child cope with this disaster?”  After The Earth Shakes is a guide book designed to help parents address these questions.

The book contains activities that parents and caring adults can do together with children.  The activities are appropriate for children ages 6 to 12 years, but may be adapted for older or younger children as well. 

Find a quiet time and place to complete the activities.  Explain to your child that the activities in this book are fun and will help them cope with any bad feelings that they are having as a result of the earthquake.


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