Pedals - Bicycle Safety

Has there ever been a better riding companion? He's certainly no third wheel!

Front Cover Inside Page Inside Page

Pedals was created by 7-Dippity specifically to complement bicycle safety programs. Pedals teaches children about bicycle safety issues, including the proper road rules and signs that bicyclists must know and follow. The Pedals coloring and activity book was originally sponsored by Mack Cycle, Inc. and was given out to the store's young customers and to members of the community. Pedals has been used by police departments, schools and hospitals in educational safety programs, and is available for adoption in your area.

Adopted Front Cover Letter From Police Chief

This Pedals book was adopted by the Miami Beach Police Department. The Department's logo was placed on the front and back covers and a letter from the Chief of Police was placed on the inside front cover.

Adopt Pedals today - he's ride on!

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