Make The Connection

In 1998, 7-Dippity helped to create an educational campaign focusing on storm drains for Miami-Dade County. The aim of the campaign was to create awareness in communities of what happens to garbage and other pollution that enters local storm drains. Thus, the "Make The Connection" campaign was born. The campaign's two main objectives were education and action. To help educate residents, 7-Dippity created materials for both youth and adults. The "Eco the Angelfish" character was developed and featured in an informational coloring and activity book for elementary school students. The books were distributed in classrooms and at community events throughout the county. Because of the area's cultural diversity, it was necessary to develop and print the books in three different languages, English, Spanish and Creole. For adults, 7-Dippity developed an informational brochure that was handed out to residents and businesses. The brochure was also printed in three languages.

Part of the educational campaign included a survey of residents to test their storm drain knowledge. Guest speakers visited classrooms and collected surveys from children both before and after presentations to determine the effectiveness of the program. Media coverage played a role as well. Local television stations and newspapers covered the campaign and relayed pertinent information to the general public.


On the action side of the campaign, storm drains in various parts of the county were selected for stenciling. Arrangements were made with the county so volunteers from the community were allowed to stencil storm drains with anti-pollution and awareness slogans. The slogans were winners chosen from a countywide contest that was held in area schools.

Make The Connection Campaign Materials

Coloring Book Front Cover Inside Page Back Cover

English Brochure Spanish Brochure Creole Brochure

Interior of the Make The Connection Brochure

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