Hypo Needle - Hypodermic Needle Safety

Who's an expert on injections and has a needle for a leg? Why it's Hypo Needle of course!

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Hypo Needle, our extremely "sharp" character, can tell you all about hypodermic needles, their uses and abuses. His coloring book talks about the dangers of handling a used needle and the potential diseases that can be transmitted. However, Hypo Needle knows that when used by a doctor or nurse, a hypodermic needle can be very helpful. And to think, he does all this without a single puncture line!

When hypodermic needles started washing up on the beaches of Miami-Dade County in large quantities, Miami-Dade County Public Schools and 7-Dippity collaborated to create an educational campaign for children on hypodermic needle safety. Our extremely "sharp" character, Hypo Needle, was used in this campaign. Miami-Dade County Public Schools sponsored the printing of Hypo Needle coloring books and distributed them in classrooms throughout the county. The North Shore Optimist Club of Miami Beach sponsored the printing of Hypo Needle T-shirts, which were also given away. County personnel went into the schools and spoke to students about the dangers of touching or picking up a hypodermic needle. Thanks to the efforts of Miami-Dade Public Schools, the North Shore Optimist Club and 7-Dippity, many children were well equipped to deal with the potentially dangerous hypodermic needles.

You can adopt Hypo Needle for your area. Get the point?

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