Foxy - Gun Safety

He's smart, he's handsome, and he's available! He's Foxy, our gun safety expert!

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Foxy teaches children about gun safety. The Foxy coloring and activity book explains to children about the potential dangers of playing with a gun and what to do if one is found. This book is 16 pages in length and is available with a self or glossy cover.

In 1990, "Foxy" was adopted by the Miami Beach Police Department to complement their gun safety program. The Foxy Coloring Book was specially printed for their campaign and included a letter from the Chief of Police and sponsor information on the front and back covers. Foxy coloring books were distributed in classrooms while officers talked to students about the dangers of guns. 7-Dippity also printed Foxy T-shirts, which were awarded to winners of an essay and drawing contest. Foxy and the gun safety program were well received in area schools, and 7-Dippity was recognized by the Miami Beach Police Department with a plaque for the company's effort in the campaign.

Sponsored Front Cover Foxy T-shirt 7-Dippity President Elaine Sevin with award from Miami Beach Police

Foxy can be adopted by your organization. Contact 7-Dippity for more information.

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