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Let 7-Dippity create a custom designed book for your theme park or tourist attraction. Coloring and activity books are a fantastic way to advertise or generate extra income. Custom books can be any number of pages in length and can be on any subject. If you have characters created, we can design a book and story line around them. Your book can include games, puzzles, activities, an attraction map, a coupon or anything else you desire! Once a book is created for you, any changes to that book in the future will be done so free of charge as long as 7-Dippity prints the material.

A majority of our theme park and attraction-oriented customers use custom developed books either as giveaways or books for sale.


Giveaway books are typically 8 or 16 pages in length. They are usually printed with an inexpensive, 4-color self-cover or a 70# coated cover.

Giveaway books are excellent promotional items that children and parents love to receive. Your books can be created as giveaways to your customers, as promotional handouts in the community or as educational supplements to touring school students. You can even print editions for special events or holiday seasons!

This coloring book was created for Forge Valley Fun Park in North Carolina. The park had many animals whose names and likenesses were placed in the book. A letter from the owners welcoming their visitors was placed on the inside front cover.

Victorian Gardens Book

7-Dippity designed and printed this coloring book for Victorian Gardens Family Amusement Park, located in New York City's Central Park. The book let's children color in their favorite rides at the amusement park.

Books For Sale

7-Dippity also creates books that you can sell in your gift shop. These books are usually printed with a 10pt. coated glossy cover and are typically 32 to 48 pages in length. Many theme parks and other attractions use coloring and activity books as an extra source of income. Why sell a generic version when you can sell your own customized coloring book with your information, logo, characters and storyline?

This coloring book was created for Green Meadows Farm for sale in their park locations across the country. The book is 48 pages in length, and features animals from their parks, interesting facts, fun games and puzzles.

To find out more information or get a price quote, contact 7-Dippity.

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