"Behind The Name" Curriculum Guides

Many schools are named after an individual. But do you or your students really know the person behind your school's name? Why is that individual's name on your school? What did this person accomplish and why? These are questions that your students should know the answer to.

7-Dippity has been creating educational material and implementing educational programs in school systems throughout the country for years. Our Behind The Name initiative is designed to help students and educators participate in a lesson that is unique, interesting and needed.

In our Behind The Name initiative, 7-Dippity creates a customized curriculum guide specifically for your school. Your guide will explain about the life of the person your school is named after and adapt this information into existing educational curriculum. It's a perfect way to learn a lesson, and a few life lessons.

This book, created for Ruth K. Broad Elementary School, is thirty-two pages in length. Ruth K. Broad founded the town of Bay Harbor Islands, Florida along with her husband, who served as the town's first mayor. This book was designed to go along with a lesson in government.

Like all 7-Dippity custom books, yours will be created completely from scratch. We will work closely with you in the development of the book. Curriculum guides are printed with a 4-color, 10-point coated glossy cover; interior pages are black and white. You can have any information you wish in the book and on the front and back covers, including sponsor logos. To find out more information or get a price quote, contact 7-Dippity.

Everyone has a story to tell.
Your school should know the story of the person...
Behind The Name!

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