This coloring book was designed for the Islamorada Fish Company. It relates fun facts about some of the seafood that can be found on their menu. A letter on the inside front cover greets visitors to their restaurants.

The Rusty Pelican Restaurant chose the beautiful view from their dining room for the cover of their coloring and activity book. The book contains information about pelicans and their habitat. Like the Rusty Pelican, you can have your children's menu on the back cover.

Waldo Peppers Restaurant in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, chose an aerial theme for their coloring book. The book is centered on their daredevil namesake, Waldo Pepper, and includes games and activities.

Andiamo Italian Bistro & Grille, located in the Hilton Hotel at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, chose a coloring and activity book with an Italian theme. Included in the book are fun games and interesting facts about the country of Italy and Italian culture.

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