7-Dippity creates custom coloring/activity menus for restaurants. Made to order, we can create a booklet just for your restaurant on any subject you wish. Your book can include games, puzzles, activities, your children's menu, a coupon or anything else you desire! Whatever your tastes are, 7-Dippity can create a book for you.

Some of our customers tell a tale about their restaurant's history,
others highlight their surrounding area,
while many have a theme using their own character.

Why a custom designed coloring/activity menu?
Helps keep your young customers occupied
A meaningful item your customers will take home

Our products range from inexpensive self-cover booklets as small as four pages in length to premium items, such as glossy cover books. Many of our restaurant customers use a self-cover book. Self-cover books are very inexpensive, as you can see by our "Self-Cover Printing Price Sheet," and are excellent promotional, give-away items. For more upscale restaurants, 7-Dippity offers a 10-point coated glossy-cover book. Glossy-cover books can be used as a premium give-away item or as a product for sale in a gift shop.

Some of our customers change their menus frequently, or have different versions of a book for different restaurants. Please keep in mind; once 7-Dippity has created a book for you, any future changes to your book will be done so free of charge as long as you continue to work with our company.

To find out more information or get a price quote, contact 7-Dippity.

Don't forget to order crayons to go along with your coloring books. We sell crayon packs at low prices! 7-Dippity also offers custom printed stickers and T-shirts as well. Want to know more about these items? Click on them.
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