7-Dippity creates custom books for museums. We can design a book for sale in your gift shop or as a giveaway for your museum patrons. Custom designed books are excellent promotional material that can be both fun and educational.

Like all custom books, yours will be created completely from scratch. We will work closely with your personnel in developing material that's right for you. Custom books can be on any subject and can even include a discount coupon and a calendar of upcoming events and exhibits.

7-Dippity can design a book with a glossy cover for sale in your gift shop or one with a self-cover that can be used as a giveaway. Custom designed books are inexpensive to print and can be used with any educational program and exhibit. Once a book is created for your museum, any changes in the future will be done so free of charge as long as 7-Dippity prints the material.

Museums often have special educational relationships with schools. Students who tour your museum can be given a take-home supplement that is educational, and a unique promotional item for your museum. "Your Guide To Exploring Florida Jewish History" was created for the Sanford L. Ziff Jewish Museum Of Florida. The book traces the history of Jews in the state of Florida and their contributions to society. While reviewing the past, readers learn about their own roots by tracing their own heritage.

To find out more information or get a price quote, contact 7-Dippity.

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