Law Enforcement Agencies


One of the programs we create materials for is the Do The Right Thing program. Do The Right Thing is sponsored nationally by participating police departments and agencies who wish to recognize and reward youth in their communities who are "doing the right things" in school and in life. Working with the Miami Police Department and Do The Right Thing, we designed a coloring and activity book specifically for the Program. 7-Dippity also prints T-shirts. If your police department or agency is involved with the Do The Right Thing program, you can adopt the coloring book or have T-shirts printed for your area. Contact 7-Dippity for further information.


7-Dippity teamed with Crime Stoppers of North Carolina to develop "Wanna Bee" A Kid Crime $topper. This coloring and activity book was only part of an educational campaign in Henderson County, North Carolina, where "Wanna Bee" helped teach kids that reporting a crime is not being a tattletale. Custom designed T-shirts with the "Wanna Bee" character were also printed by 7-Dippity for the campaign.

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