Community Service & Non-Profit Organizations

This informational comic book was created for The Miami Coalition For A Safe And Drug Free Community. It was designed to give some suggestions to Junior High School students on helping a friend who has a drug or alcohol problem.

This study guide was created for City Theatre, a non-profit theatre company that performs a series of short plays in high schools throughout the South Florida area. The study guide gives some terms, tools and exercises for playwriting; helping students write their own short play.

"It's Me," created for Lions Club International, is a heartwarming story about a visually handicapped boy named Christopher. Activities in the book relate to eyesight and blindness. The book is 32 pages in length and printed with a glossy cover.

"Where The Waste Goes" was created by 7-Dippity for the Arise Foundation. This informational book explains what happens to garbage and other forms of waste when it is discarded. Tips for reducing waste and preventing pollution are given throughout the book.

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