Whether your company is involved in an education campaign or simply wishes to have promotional material created, 7-Dippity can produce materials for you.

With over a quarter century experience in creating educational and promotional material for corporations, 7-Dippity is your perfect choice for having custom designed books developed for your company. We work with businesses of all kinds and have created material for the United States Navy, the U.S. Coast Guard, the Massachusetts Bakers Association, and multi-national corporations such as SafetyKleen Corp.

7-Dippity is your "one-stop shop" for custom designed work. We handle everything, from the initial design of your material to its printing and distribution. Your custom designed books will be created completely from scratch, for use only by your corporation. We work closely with your personnel every step of the way to ensure that the material we develop is exactly what you want.

Customized books can be any number of pages in length, and can contain any information you wish. We can print your book or series of books in any language, a must for corporations with international exposure. Once 7-Dippity has created a book for you, any changes to that book in the future will be done so free of charge as long as 7-Dippity continues to print your books.

Custom Books for Corporate Educational Campaigns
Does your company send representatives to career day fairs?
Do corporate employees go to schools and talk to students?
Do school children tour your facility or office?

Many companies have educational outreach programs or send corporate representatives to speak at schools or attend career day fairs. Some allow school children to visit their offices or plants and tour their facilities. As companies become more involved with education, what they do and what they have to say is becoming a bigger part of our schools' curriculum. How a student perceives a business may set them on a course that could change their life. It is important for students to hear, first hand, what your company has to teach.

If your company is involved with education, 7-Dippity can create custom materials for your educational programs. A custom designed book, given to students, will reinforce a lesson while providing positive exposure for your company within the community.

This book, designed for SafetyKleen Corporation, was created for elementary aged students. The book was given away in classrooms and to children who toured their recycling facilities. SafetyKleen representatives talked to students about recycling and other environmental issues that the company focuses on.

If your corporation sends representatives to career day fairs, 7-Dippity can create materials for distribution at your booth. Children love handouts and will be eager to read your material. Don't let them leave your booth empty handed. A booklet explaining about your corporation and relevant careers is a perfect handout at a career day festival.

This 32-page book was created for PrimeState Insurance Adjusters, Inc. The book explains about insurance adjusters and gives pertinent information about some of the natural disasters people come in contact with. The book is handed out both in classrooms and at career fairs, and has helped PrimeState establish a positive presence in communities that they serve.

Custom Books as Promotional Handouts

Children and parents love to receive free material, especially educational coloring, activity and comic books. Custom designed books make wonderful public relations items as they are a unique and entertaining form of advertisement. Your coloring/activity books could serve a dual purpose: entertaining and educating your young patrons while delivering your message in a positive manner to their older relatives and friends. Self-cover books are used by many of our customers as promotional giveaways because they are inexpensive to print, yet effective in getting a message across. If you wish to have a more upscale book created, we can design one with a glossy cover.

7-Dippity created a series of books for Dade Savings Banks. This particular book tells a tale about a little girl who travels the world trying to find a safe place to store her money and keep it out of the prying hands of her brother. In the end, she discovers that a savings account at her local Dade Savings Bank is the safest place.

If your corporation already has material created, let us do your printing! 7-Dippity has some of the lowest printing prices on a variety of printed products. Go to our Custom Printing Section for more information or to obtain a printing price quote.

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