About 7-Dippity, Inc.

7-Dippity was incorporated in 1980 by our founder and current president, Mrs. Elaine Sevin. Mrs. Sevin is a former Miami-Dade County, Florida teacher, with over 30 years experience in the field of education. She is known for creating and implementing innovative educational techniques and programs, including the founding of the Lifetime Activities Program while a teacher at Miami Beach Senior High School.

Mrs. Sevin is currently an assistant national coordinator of the Officer Snook Water Pollution Program and has been a board member of the South Florida Science and Engineering Fair for the past eight years as well as a past board member of the United Foundation for AIDS. She is very active in the South Florida community, volunteering her time and services for many worthy projects.

Mrs. Elaine Sevin, President

Located in Miami, Florida, 7-Dippity has grown over the years and today offers a broad range of products and services. We are known for producing exceptional custom-created material, innovative educational programs and a wide array of quality custom printing services. Our customers range from corporations to the U.S. government, from individuals to school districts. We work with clients throughout the United States and abroad.

Our work speaks for itself. Many of our programs and products have received recognition and awards. Clients continue to use our services year after year because of our competitive prices, excellent service and outstanding quality of work. We create materials for all age levels, from pre-school to adult, and in any desired language. Next time you need custom material created, think 7-Dippity.

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